Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if we are a good fit?

I understand this concern, and therefore, I offer a 15-minute discovery call, to any potential client wishing to discuss these concerns with me directly. These calls, can often provide someone the answers they are looking for and are intended to feel like a non-judgmental, internet conversation, over coffee.

Unlike most medical providers, the first session is ~ 75 minute, to help ensure that we have adequate time to review every detail surrounding your health concerns, medical history, and factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. In other words, I want to hear from you, get to know who and where you are and create a personalized wellness plan, to address in our future sessions together.

How many sessions are needed?
Considering that all of our plans are customized for you, the frequency and total number of sessions, will vary depending on your specific needs.

How often to meet?
Appointments are scheduled, based on availability and your needs. For reference, many clients begin with weekly sessions, and when appropriate, will move to bi-weekly meetings and so on. The bottom line? I am here for you, whenever and however often that you may need.

Will you work with my other providers?

Yes, I believe the best approach is one that coordinates care. A release of information (ROI), must be signed, prior to communicating with any outside providers.

Is a referral required?

Most often no, a simple phone call or email does the trick.

Do you accept cash payments?

Yes. Please contact Renew for discounted, cash pay rates.

Have questions about your Insurance?

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