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Created out of passion and providing nutritional support, Renew focuses on you, hearing your needs, understanding your conditions, and creating your path to wellness.

What is Nutrition Therapy?

Simply put, it is more than nutrition counseling. It is a fusion of the nutrition education you gain from working with an experienced, licensed dietitian, and the emotional support that a therapist provides.

Our approach to medical nutrition therapy involves listening intently, and providing you the tools and education to confidently begin your own path to wellness.

At Renew, we believe that nutrition therapy is nourishment, intuition, empowerment, and a warm hug, all rolled into one.

About Sarah

The Who and Why of Renew

Sarah is a licensed and registered dietitian/nutritionist (RD/LDN), with nearly a decade of experience working with clients in nutrition counseling and corporate wellness settings.

Sarah received a Master of Science in Nutrition (MS) at Meredith College and completed her dietetic internship with rotations at Duke Integrative Medicine and UNC Healthcare-Goldsboro. Sarah is an enthusiastic foodie, certified yoga instructor, and the owner of Renew Nutrition Therapy.

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Our Purpose

Renew offers guidance, support, and radical acceptance. Our personal, communicative, uncritical approach allows us to rebuild with you the foundations of your diet and habits,
mindfully reordering the way you care for yourself.

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