Hi, I'm Sarah.

Finding optimal health is a journey- and I know, first-hand, because
mine has been one, too!

In the last several years, my body decided to turn on me.

Traditional medicine was not working, and I grew tired of hearing broad statements that “everything appears normal,” while what I endured, was anything but normal. I felt so desperate, exhausted, and truly unheard. I didn’t have the language to express how trapped and burdened I felt. Thankfully, with the right guidance, I have since been treated for chronic fatigue syndrome, dysbiosis, and autoimmune disease, to name a few.

This long, arduous journey, helped me realize Renew, the dream of providing a space for people like me, who need a comprehensive and unconventional approach to wellness.

My personal experience cultivated my deep passion for helping others navigate their own health journey. Trusting your gut is impossible when it’s constantly betraying you. There is a way, with the right combination of support, nutrition education, and functional medicine, to renew it. There is a way for you to recalibrate this compass and reset your body’s course.

In my sessions, I connect and guide clients toward a deeper understanding of how everyday eating behaviors, intuitive awareness, self-care practices, and movement can be modified to help each client achieve their goals. My mission is to provide a supportive environment for clients to develop a positive relationship with food, and in turn, discover their truest, happiest self.

I'm here to hear you.  I'm here to help you.  

Let's renew together.

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