Your Moment

Your Moment is an established, 3-part nutrition and wellness initiative, offered to your district employees, at no cost to you,
through your state insurance.

Taking care of yourself is the key to taking care of others.

The Overview

Our online program provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of nutrition and offers accessible steps throughout, that encourage participants to focus on the betterment of their health. Whether attending the entire series, focusing on mind and body wellness, or joining a single class on stress management, all are welcome!

Led by Sarah Duong, MS, RD, LDN and owner of Renew Nutrition Therapy, this health series offers free nutrition education and prizes, with optional CEUs, for those in attendance.

The Details

For the last several years, I have taught my online health series, spanning over the course of the school year, to both New Hanover and Wayne County Public Schools. With consistent requests to return each year, I am excited to officially extend this offer to you.

Our series of classes are hosted 3 times throughout your school year, each part focusing on unique, helpful and informative topics.

Part 1: Fundamentals
This section is a warm welcome to the series and will center around the importance of balanced, intuitive eating, through the lens of nutrition.

Part 2: Foundations
Building upon your fundamentals of nutrition, in this section, we will discuss carbohydrates, protein, fat and phytonutrients.

Part 3: Factors
This segment introduces tips on topics such as stress and sleep, to keep you focused on a healthy lifestyle, no matter what internal or external factors may arise.

Why you should be interested:

- For starters, due to my education and credentials, this program is completely FREE...thanks to the current BCBSNC state health plan.

- Additionally, the program has been deeply organized, finely tuned and once it launches, requires minimal time commitment on your part.

- It also has been used to help these participating school districts meet a health initiative for their teachers and staff and if approved (as we have done in the past), can also serve as a way for your staff to receive free CEU credit.

- We will provide you with assets for emails, website notifications, and more, to help you spread the word!  Check out some examples here.

Why your district employees will be interested:
- After offering our Your Moment health series to hundreds of participating educators and staff, ~99% of them have stated that they would happily attend another RNT health series.

- Whether spoken directly by our participants, or via our class evaluations and/or reviews, we are grateful to say that participants consistently find our series to be "an amazing opportunity," that is both "very informative" and "thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish." They also note that having a presenter that is "engaging, empathetic and knowledgeable," helps create a ideal atmosphere for learning.

Hear it for yourself:

We encourage you to check out our Google Reviews and read what our numerous program attendees have to say!


encouraging words

Sarah has provided wellness programming for Wayne County Public Schools for several years. She interfaces with our staff members in an informative, positive, and engaging manner. She shares her expertise, and as a result our staff members have the tools to improve their quality of life. We are what we eat, and Sarah expounds on this in a supportive manner. She empowers her clients with knowledge, so that we can then make wise choices not only about nutrition but about wellness in general. I hope to continue our partnership so that Wayne County educators can benefit and practice this important area of self-care.

We will also help promote!

We will provide you with assets for emails, website notifications, and more to help spread the word!

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Your Moment is here!

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