1:1 Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Available through telehealth, we can conduct one-on-one consulting, group education opportunities, or bla bla bla.

These are flexible and supportive nutrition appointments with Sarah, where you will receive her undivided attention. Your online Zoom meetings will be a safe, open space, dedicated to you and your needs. Curious? We also offer a 15-minute discovery call, to any potential client wishing to discuss these concerns with us directly.


In our experience, literally everyone can benefit. More specifically, anyone with individual health concerns or wellness goals, looking for nutrition support and guidance, can find it here.


The majority of our clients are in need of medical nutrition therapy for their diabetes, heart conditions (high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc), digestive disorders, auto-immune conditions, and/or chronic fatigue. We also, often work with individuals that are seeking general wellness support or assistance with weight management. In other words, if you can pinpoint that something is “not ideal” about your health, and you are trying to find the right path to heal, this is the appointment for you!

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